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Monday, September 21, 2015

Labii Electronic Lab Notebook Is Now In Beta Testing

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Labii’s electronic lab notebook (ELN) is now in beta testing (; you’re always welcome to try our ELN for free during beta testing.

The ELN is created by a team (Labii) from The Department of Postdoctoral Scholars of ACSSS. Labii is fostering a community of academic and industry researchers centered around ease, transparency, and collaboration. We have started this through our hands-free, template-based, ELN that is designed for simplifying, recording, sharing research, and collaborating with fellow scientists. Our ELN provides a simple way for researchers to quickly template the protocols they often use - creating and editing them in a few clicks. We have constructed our ELN to simplify adjustments between protocols to decrease the preparation, note-taking, and observation-writing time required between and during experiments. Please visit our website ( or check out our tutorial video ( to learn more about the ELN.

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