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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labii Helps Dr Haoquan Wu From Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Published A New Article

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In last week, a new paper A sliding-bulge structure at the Dicer processing site of pre-miRNAs regulates alternative Dicer processing to generate 5′-isomiRs was out at Heliyon.

Labii helped Dr. Haoquan Wu's group performing bioinformatics data analysis and the CEO Yonggan Wu was listed as the second author for his significant contribution to the work.

Labii is addressing research data documentation and management difficulties within biotech companies and academic labs. We help biotech and pharmaceutical companies developing customized laboratory information management system (LIMS) and the electronic lab notebook (ELN). Instead of hiring an engineer, you can outsource the LIMS/ELN development to Labii We are charging less than the cost of an engineer while providing a better product that meets the industrial standard. Please contact to collaborate.

Yonggan Wu

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