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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pay Per Use Electronic Lab Notebook

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Pay Per Use Electronic Lab Notebook

Electronic Lab Notebook and Laboratory Information Manage Systems are a great way to track research progress, but they are not affordable for most companies or academic labs.

Most companies/labs start their research without ELN or LIMS, thinking it will cut costs and spending. Most facilities will allocate money to purchase reagents or equipment and have ELN/LIMs as an afterthought. ELNs or LIMS are mostly commonplace among the larger biotech firms or pharmaceutical companies.

Start using ELN and LIMS at the early stage of a company/lab will add tremendous value to research data. Labii has been working with hundreds of small companies or labs and putting consist thought on how to make ELN & LIMS accessible without too many berries. Here, we are releasing a new version of Labii ELN & LIMS that supports Pay Per Use.

With the Pay Per Use pricing plan, Labii ELN & LIMS users only pay for the records they create. If only one lab note is created, users only pay for the record (~ 10 cents). No contracts, setup fees or subscription fees. Once a lab note is created, other users with adequate permission can modify it. For smaller companies or labs that do not have many records to document, the costs of the ELN & LIMS could be a thousand times less.

Another benefit of this pricing plan is: it does not limit the number of users. Organizations can add as many users to the account without worrying about incurring more costs. This would dramatically increase collaboration and allow other users who aren’t directly working in the lab to access data and contribute.

For the bigger biotech/pharmaceutical companies, Labii still provides the subscription option. Our subscription plan charges based on the number of users. The users can enter as many records as they need under the subscription option. Doing the math, the subscription plan can have huge capital savings for high-volume data generating companies.

As a take-home message: Labii has developed the Pay Per Use option for small companies/labs to quickly get started with ELN & LIMS without worrying about driving up costs. The subscription option is still available for high-volume data generating companies. As companies scale, you can easily switch between the two options as needed.

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Draft by Yonggan Wu
Proofread by Matthew Manalac

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